Django compilemessages error

Django has extremely powerful translation tool, but its error reports are kind of useless. The usage of this tool is simple for every developer. To use this tool you need to set it up in of your project and use trans template tag in templates to indicated text that needs to be translated. (more...)

Unity test framework on Ubuntu

I have freshly installed Ubuntu on my computer and then I needed to make some stuff with gcc and unity tests. I have took following steps to install proper things from start

sudo apt-get install git ruby rake

After that I have made a src directory and test directory, adjusted paths in rakefile_helper. (more...)

Nucleo-F401RE running program with power through USB port

You have USB powerbank and you want to run the program you have on your Nucleo-F401RE? It takes some datasheet reading and the answer is not really clear. If you have external power supply on E5V then you just need to switch jumper 3 from U5V to E5V, and board will power and run the loaded program. (more...)

Static mounting USB storage in Linux terminal

I am running Ubuntu Linux server on Odroid and I wanted additional space that eMMC cannot offer. I have decided to use USB storage key with 16 GB of storage space. Then I needed to statically mount the USB storage to /web directory which will give me additional freedom when wanting to transfer the whole static content of websites. (more...)

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