Django 1.10 TypeError, TemplateDoesNotExist

Django 1.10 update brings quite some pain, although I was following updates very closely. But I was not really paying attention to what will be deprecated in 1.10 and this has bitten my ass. I have some really old Django projects and while new settings. (more...)

Git version in Doxygen from Makefile

When you generate a Doxygen documentation it is smart to also include version information inside. That happens when you share your documentation with others and they might be interested if there were any updates from since others read it. (more...)

Django compilemessages error

Django has extremely powerful translation tool, but its error reports are kind of useless. The usage of this tool is simple for every developer. To use this tool you need to set it up in of your project and use trans template tag in templates to indicated text that needs to be translated. (more...)

Unity test framework on Ubuntu

I have freshly installed Ubuntu on my computer and then I needed to make some stuff with gcc and unity tests. I have took following steps to install proper things from start

sudo apt-get install git ruby rake

After that I have made a src directory and test directory, adjusted paths in rakefile_helper. (more...)

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